Election 2007 - The Education Revolution

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I'll be following the Australian federal election campaign throughout 2007, as PM John Howard is due to call an election about November this year.
Opposition leader Kevin Rudd has sparked things off with his Education Revolution talk (held January 23rd at University of Melbourne).

Australian education across the board has taken a bashing from the Howard government, and at the very least has simply been ignored. With Rudd's clear message now out in the public eye, it makes for an interesting start to this election year. Download the ALP New Directions, Education paper.

Stay tuned as I bring together the news, flesh out the issues and my capture my thoughts in this here wiki and on my Ed(ge)ucation blog ;o)

The Combatants

Red corner: Stephen Smith, Australian Labour Party (Rudd)
Blue corner: Andrew Robb, Liberal Party of Australia (Howard)
Alternative parties: