2006 conferences and events about town

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Some very interesting conferences and events happened this year. My guess is there is real fundamental change in the air for teaching and learning across the board in 2006 and on into 2007! :o)

December 2006

Interested in attending the ASCILITE Conference in Sydney this year? This conference still commands a decent audience and range of presenters from around Australia and overseas. This year's theme is Who's learning? Whose technology? If you are an ASCILITE member, registration is also cheaper. Become an ASCILITE member here (you can register and pay online).
  • I've co-authored and presented a paper with two colleagues based in Melbourne, which was accepted and published as a concise paper. You can read more here.

October 2006

external image 390px-Vena_19.jpgA Hundertwasser (or Apartment) House in Vienna.
(Photo by Evgenia Kononova, 13 September 2004).

2nd-3rd: Blogtalk 2006, held in Vienna Austria.

17-19th: Education.au ran a Global Summit on the theme Technology connected futures. TALO's own Leigh Blackall was one of the speakers. :o)

20th: RIVET Research Colloqium. Apprenticeship: Research and current practice
Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga Campus. Some really insightful feedback from this daytrip. CIT teachers met with Erica Smith and others and gained an insight into the world of VET research.

September 2006

QUT once again hosted the Online Learning and Teaching (OLT) one-day conference. This year was titled Learning on the Move.
Len and I presented a paper on m-learning which received the Best Paper Award.

external image logo.jpg The Open Space Conference, The Future of Learning in a Networked World consisted of a tour from Dunedin (starting Sept 18th) to Wellington, culminating in the eFest 2006 conference, 27th to 29th September. Many well-known names attended, with many others participating! There's a draft of the e-book in the pipeline, so stay tuned.
  • I'm met up with Marica Sevelj at the Open Polytechnic in Wellington and her colleague Sue Dark and others to collaborate on some workshops and ideas around engaging teachers in using social software for learning and teaching.
  • Update: Notes from this NZ tour are available on my blog and on my wiki here and here. What a great experience! :o) .....I have also joined the Seeking weblog and wikispace! And there's more good things to come of this trip too I feel - stay tuned!

August 2006external image 209912205_46a2516dc8_m.jpg

Education.au ran a national seminar titled So What's Changed? Technology, expectations, connections and collaboration...
The seminar was held in Sydney at the Wentworth Sofitel Hotel, August 4, 2006.

Events about town

December 2006

The National Projects ACT eLearning Showcase (CIT Reid campus). I went along to the Learnscope presentations as Child Studies and the Year 12 teachers were represented, along with ESL/Languages and other FoCCuS elements - well done to all, some innovative ideas without overloading on the technology!

November 2006

29th: OTN 2nd lunchtime seminar, Southside Campus. Discussion recorded to OTN blog on engaging students to collaborate online. Also showcased the CIT streaming server and an AFLF New Practices project called ARED. [Previous OTN lunchtime seminar details here.]

September 2006

Our first Semester 2 lunchtime seminar for the CIT Online Teacher Network ran on the 6th September. We discussed ways to engage students in online communication and interaction. Penny Neuendorf in Health Sciences teaches remedial massage and has been doing some good things with video and has set up student journals online using CIT's LMS. Penny led the discussion. Some questions we used to focus our discussion:
  • how can we engage students and co-create knowledge?
  • what strategies can we use to promote online interaction to enhance learning?
  • what challenges do we face in promoting online interaction for CIT students?

More at the OTN blog about this session.

August 2006

external image 2_1147343323.jpg I went to University of Canberra to see Robert Fitzgerald and Lynn Sheridan present the PICTL project where they've been using Elgg with the Education students.

July 2006

14-07-06_1312.jpgThe Flexible Learning Solutions team at CIT ran a Forum on the Social Web for teaching and learning, July 14th. We had just under 40 CIT teachers attend plus a couple of external visitors. Leigh Blackall was our guest speaker, webcast from Dunedin, NZ. Leigh talked about 'Teaching is Dead, Long Live Learning', which got everyone's attention!

We then ran three workshops on blogging (including moblogging), wikis and tagging, with the FLS staff facilitating. We then closed with a launch of our new PD website and the Suprglu page that brought all the workshop activities together. Good stuff everyone, it was a great morning exploring the promising aspects of the social web! I've also collated some notes here on social web stuff. This is also available in the OTN@CIT wikispace (private, request to join).

June 2006

external image networkseventsbanner.jpg
Tapping into social networking tools for teaching and learning. AFLF Elearning Networks online events, June 15/16.
I presented a project where we used blogs for students undertaking placements in childhood centres in Singapore. We used Apcala with some success! Read more here.

May 2006

The 'Gaggle:a gathering of educational developers' at University of Canberra.

We went to UC this arvo for a chat with likeminded people working in design and development areas of post-secondary education.
We hope to chew the fat off issues in our daily work. it's an opportunity to:
  • - meet people
  • - show our work
  • - share issues