Some notes about the PLE event so far!

- is language and the way we use it important? necessary part of debate?
- RSS the glue of the web?
- do definitions matter? portfolio vs PLE, portfolio vs e- portfolio, see above
- who is advantaged/disadvantaged if e-portfolios used?
- are PLEs about mode/context but e-portfollios about content???
- if we use e-portfolios who will teach skills to students? how? when?
- PLE's - purpose? content? use?

Some thoughts from Graham:

Robyn Jay asks:
in relation to all this we are currently grappling with the sustainability of Framework spaces after the end of this year... what happens? do they die? how are they maintained/archived? should they be?

Where to from here?

is it about control?
challenges ... australia looking at de-regulating maritime industry in some way? what does this mean for open spaces?
- social networking as sharing?
- reconciling competing philosophies?

can we complement open with closed? lms with open ple?

assessment methods - do we go collaborative? do we get creative about authenticity? changing assessment methodologies?what do we do within the training framework? how do we audit inthis kind of environment? do we need to?

workplaces ... recording (forensic) evidence? is it about content or the process of learning and validating that?

will this force us to reconfigure 'criteria'?