Summary of newsfeeds of interest

I'm trying out different ways to use RSS feeds in wiki pages.

Some ideas for teaching and learning:
  • resource list - using a tag rss, such as geography, or history for example
  • reference list - feeds from online journals or databases, or subject experts' blogs that relate to specific subject areas
  • student blogs list - use the wiki page to bring your students' blogs together with a summary of each latest post, for example
  • photo sharing - via Flickr where the photo title would be important to include (see Flickr feed at bottom of this page as an example)
  • writeboard or wiki updates - can be previewed in a general wiki page (e.g. additions to a course outline, or an online project document)

Below are some test feeds in operation...

My research resources

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      A student blog feed
      • The end of the beginning Jan 8, 2007
        Well, I've taken the plunge and have been consolidating my weblogs, web presence, etc... so I have rolled over my Blogger blog to edublogs weblog is Ed(ge)ucation design: learning about design...from experiencePlease update your fe...
      • Do you have a project for 2007? Jan 4, 2007
        If not, then you might like to read Marica's post about Project 365 - it's a project where you take a photo per day and blog it as a visual diary for the year. It's a lovely way to focus your blogging I bet and, judging from Marica's first few day...

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