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WIKIS AND BLOGS - Tools for learning

Presenter: Marg O'Connell, Canberra Institute of Technology
When: Thursday 27 September at 10:00am to 11:00am AEST
Where: Access the session at least 15mins before the session start time here or go to http://tinyurl.com/2ql72g

What: Ever wondered what all the fuss was about with wiki and blogs? Want to try them for yourself?
This session is aimed to get you started using wikis and blogs in your teaching and to support students' learning.
Understand the basics, start a wiki or blog, and apply it to a teaching strategy or learning situation.

AFLF networks...

Voices from the field...

Why use wiki?

Here are some points teachers have made about using wikis in their teaching.

Judi, Library Studies, Information Technology: Judi presented her use of wiki at CIT last year. Here are her thoughts since then...

Penny, Remedial Massage, Health Sciences: Penny will be presenting her use of wiki at the up and coming ACT Learnscope Showcase day in Canberra.

At this stage, students have to be reminded that the wiki is there to be used as a resource. They do not use the discussion area, and they do not use the mail in it. (same as webct)
I have embedded [the wiki] into my lessons as a resource, however I still have to push them to use it. I have linked it to webct and from webct so they are getting better. I have just given the marketing class a project to promote it to students. [Nice crossover don't you think!] - margoconnell margoconnell
As with all technology some people really have embraced it and have added stuff, become members etc…and some people would rather not use it at all. It is just another web page to some people, and that gets them off side straightaway, and they don’t want to do more internet stuff. (Usually the lazy students who just want a quick answer)
I have had no problem with anyone putting inappropriate material, no problem with offensive material etc which has been good.
All feedback is excellent from the students when they do use it though. Not too much negative, pretty much the same as any web resource – and remember that the majority of our students are older so many are not IT savvy.

- More thoughts from Judi about wiki [mp3]

In this short audio clip (mp3, 30 secs), Penny describes how she has been using wiki both with her students and for personal and PD use!

Read more about Penny's use of wiki on her Learnscope Presentation wiki.

Year 12 teachers at CIT kept a Learnscope project wiki
Year 12 teachers with Sandra Robinson

The team's thoughts can be found on their Project Presentation page on their wiki. In brief, each teacher got something different out of the experience. Above all, their experiences were collected and archived for the benefit of others, on their wiki.

Chris, a team member, had this to say about using the wiki:
Looking at the wiki on our project last year makes me realise we have come quite a way with online technology. I have appreciated having in one space the "How to Guides". I find unless I am using these techniques frequently I forget the processes. This becomes a frustration and is a reason (excuse?) to abandon efforts to use the technologies. I have not yet used wikis in teaching mainly because:* I lack confidence in applying them, and
  • I have not had time to think through how to use them.I need to do more reading about using wikis for learning. I think I get hung up on the technology/the doing and need to move on to look at the application.

Vanessa, CIT teacher and Copyright Kitchen project manager

Vanessa keeps colleagues and project managers up to date with her activities through her Copyright wiki. Vanessa reckons it's a useful reporting tool and a great way to consolidate her sessions as she travels - seeing what issues arise, similarities and differences between sessions, and so on.

Why use blogs?

Earlier this year the wikis and blogs discussion occurred on the EdNA community forum and I wrote a couple of pieces on my blog there - take a look!

The Business Services teaching team kept a blog as part of the learning: http://lisupport.blogspot.com/
Business Services teachers
Business Services teachers
[image: http://lisupport.blogspot.com/]

Flexible Learning Solutions keep track of their work and projects via a group blog. OTN@CIT provides this space, but also provides a space for the teacm to share their learning about new educational technologies and emerging approaches to learning online.


The CIT Library staff use a blog to showcase new events and resources available on the Learning Links Online blog.


How do I get started?

What is a wiki?

What is a blog?

Further resources

What can YOU find to help in your teaching?